a commitment

our approach

At the core of Township10’s residency is the opportunity to utilize the property and its resources in service of the artist’s needs/desires.


Artists are invited and empowered to plan a residency. This may include filling the other four bedrooms with guests, or hunkering down for a quiet experience free from distraction. There is a studio tech on-site to welcome and support. The possibilities for how the property can be utilized are numerous and exciting to consider.


  • Residencies vary in length from 3 weeks to 2 months.

  • Accommodations and studio access are free of charge.

  • Expenses include travel, meals, and materials/firings, A finished work is selected for donation to the T10 collection.

We are thrilled to dedicate Township10 as a space for those who teach, lead, mentor and disrupt to further their personal, intellectual, and/or community goals.

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Due to COVID and our efforts to reschedule residents from this year, we will not open a call for applications until November of 2021. A panel of peers will review applications and award a residency to two applicants. The application will be available on this website in November 2021.


Township10 will launch in 2020-21 with a series of invited artists.


Experiences during this inaugural year will inform and shape the future direction of the project. We have asked artists to activate and enjoy the property, connect with the community, and offer us feedback.

a place for


a work intensive


a collaboration


reunion with mentors


base for international artist

a gathering in memorial


skill-building workshop


kiln-building residency


a writing retreat


series of focused conversations


interdisciplinary duet 


summit punctuated
by meals and music

an exhibition




Township10 is envisioned as an intimate space reserved for deep art practice, material exploration, and community building.


We have the highest expectations for the respect, thoughtfulness, and care that guests will bring to this experience. A few things we lay out are:


- We ask artists to incorporate shared meals and poetry into their stay.


- We encourage artists to connect with the local community and find ways to share their perspective.


- We select a finished work for our collection. 


- We facilitate a written reflection to be archived for past and future residents.

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SUMMER 2021 Resident

Yoon Hwang

Welcome to Summer Resident Yoon Hwang. Based in LA, Yoon is a graduate from California State University, Long Beach. Yoon recently completed an 18-month apprenticeship in Korea with national treasure, onggi master Kim il Maan. This was intensive, rigorous training in a studio that goes back 6 generations. This fall he will begin his candidacy for an MFA at the UGA. 


In his words: “Clay can be found in almost every part of the Earth. The Earth gives humanity freely. Not everyone accepts the gift. I am thankful that the earth gave me clay, and that it offer it self to me to have its ancient self to be allowed to be molded by a person like me whose days are numbered. I look forward to working with my long time colleague and friend Chris Suarez. I would like for us to grow as artist by pushing each other through hard work, discussions, and critiques at Township10.”


Long Term Resident

Kyle Lawson


A skilled potter and woodworker, Kyle Lawson graduated from Oregon College of Art and Craft with a BFA in Craft. He spent the past few years working with the crew at Sarah Wolf Ceramics and assisting artists Dirk Staschke and Jeffry Mitchell among others. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Kyle relocated to the mountains of Western North Carolina to take on the challenge of building out the studios, caring for the property, and delving into his art practice as Township10’s first Long-term Resident. Kyle looks forward to welcoming residents & visitors to the property.