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  • Are you currently accepting applications?
    Applications for our 2025 sessions are now open from March 15 - May 12, 2024.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    Emerging and established artists may apply with a proposal in the field of ceramics. Applicants who are enrolled in graduate degree programs during the residency are ineligible. We accept applications from international artists. Unfortunately we can not assist with visa/funding/travel arrangements. We are accepting proposals in other media such as painting, fibers, and site specific installation. These will be supported by our mixed media studio.
  • What is the cost of a residency?
    Accommodations and 24/7 studio access are free of charge, covered by Township10. Artists are responsible for the cost of their meals, materials/firings, and a cleaning fee of $80 per person.
  • What is the length of a residency?
    The 2023 spots are 5-6 weeks in length. We require a commitment to the residency dates. Because our spots are limited and in high demand, we can not accommodate residents who have part-time jobs, travel plans, or expect to come and go. A weekend away is acceptable. Sinking into the experience and committing to a focused studio practice is the goal.
  • How are applications reviewed?
    Township10 applications are reviewed by a rotating panel composed of advisors, past residents, artists, and curators who serve anonymously. The Residency Director works with the finalist list to fill residency sessions based on availability/scheduling.
  • How are applicants evaluated?
    The main criteria for evaluation is depth of studio practice. We seek applicants who will maximize the opportunity presented by Township10 to create a strong body of work, build community, and enjoy the setting . We also consider qualities, either manifest or incipient, for leadership, mentorship, and disruption. For more on the community we are building and hope to expand, please refer to our values statement and past resident artists.
  • Do you allow groups/collaborators to apply to Township10?
    Yes. We accept applications from artists who have put together a group of friends/fellow artists to come make work side-by-side, as well as full collaboration proposals. Everyone in the group must submit an individual application. We can support small groups of two to four people, two to three being ideal.
  • May I apply with my spouse or partner?
    Couples working on collaborative projects may apply as collaborators (see the question above). Artist couples working on their own creative projects may apply individually and request parallel residencies. If both are accepted, they will be offered a spot together. No other provisions are made for partners at Township10.
  • May I bring my partner, child, or pet with me to Township10?
    No. We can not accommodate these requests. Please do not ask if you can bring your partner, child, or pet. We also have rules regarding overnight guests during residency. This is for the safety and the comfort of all residents and to promote a focus on art practice.
  • Will I need a car?
    Yes. Residents are required to have a vehicle. Township10 is 20 minutes from the nearest grocery store, an hour from medical care. It is necessary to have access to a personal vehicle to purchase food, materials and for research purposes—the surrounding region can be incredibly inspirational. We are not able to make any exceptions to this requirement and can not provide rides to/from airport.
  • Am I allowed to defer my residency?
    Residencies may not be deferred. If an applicant is accepted but cannot accept the dates offered, they will be placed on the waiting list, and may reapply after 12 months if they are not called from the waiting list.
  • What is the cost of firing the kilns?
    Kiln firings are charged at cost to cover the electricity and/or gas. Cost ranges from $15 Small Skutt -$50 Full Blaauw/Oval-$350 salt kiln. Please note that firing the salt kiln must be approved in advance and is only possible for artists experienced with atmospheric firings.
  • What are the expectations for Resident Artists?
    We have the highest expectations for the respect, thoughtfulness, and care that residents will bring to this experience. A few things we lay out are: • We ask artists to incorporate shared meals and poetry into their stay. • We encourage artists to connect with the local community and find ways to share their perspective. • We select a finished work for our collection. Work created during residency is included the selection process. • We request a written reflection to be archived for past and future residents.
  • Is there a work-trade component?
    We do not require work-trade from our residents. Sometimes, however, we will include work-trade in the offer based on what is happening at the property and whether we need extra hands for things such as reclaiming clay, cleaning studios, setting up for an event, or tending to the garden. It is part of how we are able to keep costs down and have no residency fees. Any work-trade is discussed in advance.
  • What is the policy on drugs and alcohol?
    T10’s Drug and Alcohol policy is in accordance with the laws of North Carolina. All illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Artists and guests impaired by the use of alcohol or marijuana may not operate any equipment or work in studios. The owner has lost loved ones to hard drugs and has zero tolerance for heroin, cocaine, etc. You will be asked to leave immediately if you engage in destructive or disruptive behavior during your residency.
  • What is the setting like at Township10? What are the studios/facilities like?
    Township10 is located in a rural environment. Resident Artists need to be comfortable with a degree of solitude and disconnection from the outside world. We are on a 30-acre farm. There are multiple building connected by paths. The terrain is uneven. There is wildlife such as white-tailed deer, snakes, rabbits, box turtles, etc. We have neighbors who are visible (and audible on occassion) but not close to the property. Studios are comfortable and rustic. Spaces are well-lit with ample workspaces and shelf storage. The ceramics studios have heat. The mixed media studio is seasonal and does not. None of the studios have bathrooms and residents walk to their accommodations for bathroom breaks. There are also communal spaces such as porches, decks, the timber-framed shed, and the tobacco barn. Township10 is not an institution. There is no support or service infrastructure. Residents need to be independent and self-sufficient. The studio tech/caretaker lives on-site year round but also may be gone for a night or two during residency.
  • What are the accommodations?
    We provide accommodation in the bunkhouse and the cottage. Resident Artists are assigned a private bedroom with a shared bath. The bunkhouse is a communal space with a shared kitchen/living room/library. Rooms are furnished. Towels and linens provided. Washer/dryer. Wi-Fi. Bunkhouse residents share communal space with the long-term residents and their dog. For example, you might head into the kitchen to make breakfast and two other residents will be in there cooking and you have to hang out for a few minutes. The cottage is a small 2-BR house. For more on the spaces click HERE. **The majority of the 2025 residency spots will be filled in the bunkhouse.** On the application you can select 'cottage-only.' Selecting 'cottage-only' will place you in a much more competitive pool with fewer spots available.
  • What is a typical day like?
    There isn’t a set schedule at Township10. We do not have programming or structure. Artists work independently and set their own schedules during the day and/or evening generally working 8+ hours a day. Artists might check in with each other late morning, or meet up for tea in the afternoon. Sharing meals at least once a week or more is encouraged but not required. Sometimes there are art openings or dinners in the nearby town of Marshall, or further afield in Asheville, and someone will initiate a trip. We expect residents to be self-directed and show initiative. There are no structured activities. There is an open invitation to build community and "the table is set," but it is up to the residents to self-organize and generate their residency experience. At a maximum, there are 5 people on property. Sometimes only 2. So again it is important to be okay with solitude and not to expect a large cohort.
  • What is the community of artists at Township10?
    The community of Resident Artists at Township10 is characterized by focus, purpose, and mutual respect. Artists take the opportunity to make work seriously and also enjoy sinking into the pleasure of the place. Many feel the presence of the other artists who have come before them in the T10 studios. Township10 is an extended family with professional relationships, collaborations and opportunities springing up organically.
  • How much technical support will be available?
    The Lead Resident welcomes and orients residents. Bill Jones lives on-site in the bunkhouse and is available for technical assistance such as loading kilns, mixing glaze, and advice. Technical support does not include instruction. The Lead Resident is also engaged in other job responsibilities as property caretaker and studio tech. We expect residents to be able to work independently and responsibly.
  • Is there Internet access in the studios?
    Wi-Fi is available property-wide. This is because we do not always have decent cell service and Internet becomes the only way of communication. We strongly encourage Resident Artists to limit their time on-line so that they can sink more deeply into the experience of residency.
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