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Jody Isaacson

Jody Isaacson

"I was a resident from October 31-November 9, 2020. I escaped 1 state of my life and re-entered another. It was the first time I had been alone since January 2019 for an extended period of time. It was also the first time in many years I had been alone with a studio only focus to reacquaint myself with my pace and follow threads that would became a weaving together of images and ideas within.

It was an opportunity to work with what was in the moment. I was inspired often by Kyle’s projects in the woods and on the grounds, objects I came across on my many walks around the property, my dulcimer teacher Don Pedi who lived just miles from the residency, explorations into the making of sourdough breads and the truth and beauty of the grief I was adjusting to. I stayed within and with the suspension of this very personal grief. I seemed to forget everything else. Bill Evans said to just go with the Truth and Beauty. Forget the rest. I realized it is up to the living to keep up with the dead.

My residency could be called Diary of Absence As Presence. I did many different things every day. I made a watercolor of the tree outside my bedroom window each morning or evening before sleeping. I did this in bed, with coffee or tea and a one half hour time limit. I made a small clay slab every day using a select group of objects that I rearranged. I wrote a haiku each day inspired by a book from the library.

I just spread out all my notes I made everyday before leaving the studio to remind me what needed attention the next day and possible questions Kyle might have the answer to. I will stitch them together. They reflect my thinking and my learning. I learned so much about clay! And glazing! And myself!

I found more than I was looking for at Township 10. I danced more than I had in years. I especially adored Daft Punk! I learned the Jerusalema. I did my yoga up in the sunshine through the guest bedroom window. I sat silent.

“Silence can be anywhere, anytime - it’s just in front of your nose. I create it for myself as I walk up the stairs, prepare food or merely focus on breathing. …the potential wealth of being an island for yourself is something you carry around with you all the time.” -Erling Kagge

I became friends with the silence I nurtured at Township 10."

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