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Jeffry Mitchell

Jeffry Mitchell

“The air is sweet here, The mountains feel ancient.

I’m thrilled because I get to work, again, with the ultra talented potter Kyle Lawson, a good friend.

Kyle lives with his dog Olly in the bunkhouse. I get the cottage to myself. So cozy, so charming. We are the only ones here and we barely see each other.

At night, Kyle throws plates, bowls and vases. In the morning I arrive at the studio to see Kyle’s work waiting for me to decorate. What a joy.

Day in , day out , from February to August I crowd the pots and plates with figurines, inscribe flower and animal motifs and fragments of texts. On the bottom of each piece I record my name, the date and the weather: “ Jeffry Mitchell, Township 10 , July 22nd, 2020 85 degrees, Thunderstorms” , or “March 3rd, 2021 Twilight, Melting Snow, 33 degrees, J.M. Township 10”.

My decorations are all memorized, I’ve drawn them for decades. I realize that drawing for me is like walking the labyrinth. The days here are solitary ruminations. I love this time alone.

I feel very fortunate. Deeply happy.”

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