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Yoon Hwang

Yoon Hwang

2021 Resident

Based in LA, Yoon is a graduate from California State University, Long Beach. Yoon recently completed an 18-month apprenticeship in Korea with national treasure, onggi master Kim il Maan. This was intensive, rigorous training in a studio that goes back 6 generations. This fall he will begin his candidacy for an MFA at the UGA.

In his words: “Clay can be found in almost every part of the Earth. The Earth gives humanity freely. Not everyone accepts the gift. I am thankful that the earth gave me clay, and that it offer it self to me to have its ancient self to be allowed to be molded by a person like me whose days are numbered. I look forward to working with my long time colleague and friend Chris Suarez. I would like for us to grow as artist by pushing each other through hard work, discussions, and critiques at Township10.”

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