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Renata Daina

Renata Daina

2022 Resident

Renata Daina is fascinated by the physical experience of crafting as a means of environmental empathy creating handwoven tapestries and soft sculpture. Traditional techniques and modern motifs form tactile abstractions of weaving, wrapping, knotting, stitching. Natural fibers, wood, and repurposed fabrics move fluidly between surface textures and multi-dimensional structures delineating our entanglement in an increasingly fragile ecosystem.

 Renata is currently living and working in Los Angeles on Tongva Land. Born in the United States, raised in Australia, she learned traditional Lithuanian crafts from her grandmother, and is a fifth generation weaver. Renata received a BFA from the University of Southern California, and studied Fashion & Textile Design at the University of Technology Sydney. Growing up in a creative household of theater artists she was greatly involved in on and off-stage processes. She built on these experiences in the past nearly ten years making costumes, installations, and props for advertising, retail, and television. Her multifaceted skills are currently focused on handmade textile works. She was a 2022 Fiber Artist in Residence at Township10; has shown work in Los Angeles, Tennessee, Melbourne, and Sydney. 

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