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Faythe Levine

Faythe Levine

2022 Resident

Faythe Levine has been in service to the arts for over twenty years advocating for creativity to be used as a vehicle for community building, personal independence and empowerment. Motivated by reimagining archives and collections through a queer feminist lens, her creative labor intersects with curatorial projects, consulting, writing, documentary film, and happenings. Levine’s core belief is that visual culture is a conduit for radical change and generative dialog. Through her work she strives to perpetuate momentum towards a future that holds space for collaboration, transparency, accountability and complexity.

Her most widely known projects, Sign Painters (2013) and Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY Art, Craft and Design (2009), both feature length documentaries with accompanying books published by Princeton Architectural Press, have toured extensively. She recently served as the John Michael Kohler Arts Center Director of the Art/Industry residency hosted at Kohler Co. and is currently consulting with the Women's Studio Workshop for their 50th anniversary publication and exhibition in 2024.

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