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Wishlist: Advice, Expertise & Donations


Township10 would benefit greatly from someone who has vision and experience with kiln planning for educational projects. We will be equipped with two electric and a 28 cu. ft. gas kiln by summer 2020. A good beginning but I often walk into the stunning shed that Alex built and wonder what will go there.

Where to begin? Who will lead a kiln-building residency in 2021? I have some fantasies (a beehive kiln, a salt, a small wood kiln) but want to plan well, be economical, and deliver for future residents who want to experiment with firing.

2 - The Reference Library

We are looking to fill the Township10 Reference Library. It will be a resource & inspiration for artists & writers for years to come. We have designed a book plate to honor donations.

A dream is to receive a well-loved & well-maintained book collection that connects with artistic practice. Or to be awarded a grant to seed this library.

We would be excited to hear your book recommendations for Township10. What are you reading? What books have been core to your development as an artist? If you disappeared for a year, what ten books would you bring?

3 - Painting Studio

There is a building/garage that was the packing facility for East Fork Pottery. It has an enclosed middle room with electricity and an adjacent, covered outdoor area. Would like to turn this into a comfortable painting studio for seasonal use.

What is essential for a painting studio? What are the requirements for light, wall space and ventilation? Want to put a window in. Flooring is also a question – should we pour a concrete floor or something else. It's currently gravel. Grateful for advice.


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