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Iván Carmona

Iván Carmona

2021 Resident/2022 Resident

Iván Carmona grew up in Luquillo, Puerto Rico, on the edge of the El Yunque national rainforest. There the wild natural environment merged with his day-to-day, and spilled over into the provincial setting of his small town. Carmona mines his memories for specific moments that have been romanticized with the passage of time. Translated through a framework of form and hue, he is able to give tangible presence to each moment in clay.

Currently based in Portland, OR, Iván is a beloved friend, mentor, and artist in the ceramics community. He graduated from Oregon College of Art and Craft and was recently awarded the The Hallie Ford Fellowship by the Ford Family Foundation. At Township10, Iván will be making large-scale sculpture for his upcoming solo show at PDX Contemporary.

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