a commitment

The Residency

At the core of Township10’s residency is an invitation to utilize the property and its resources in service of the artist’s needs/desires. 


  • Residencies are awarded--there are no residency fees. Accommodations and 24/7 studio access are free of charge.

  • Residencies vary in length from 4-6 weeks.

  • Emerging as well as established artists are encouraged to apply. Applicants who are currently enrolled in a degree program are ineligible. 


  • Applications are reviewed by a rotating panel of advisors, past residents, artists, and curators.

  • Expenses include travel, meals, and     materials/firings,

  • Collaborative groups may apply. We encourage the duo (2) for this round of applications.


  • Proof of vaccination is required for residency at Township10.


You may have lots of questions. We have tried to be very thorough and address them here: Frequently Asked Questions.   


Before starting the application, please take time to read through the FAQs. Our application is managed entirely through Slideroom which charges a nonrefundable processing fee of $10 USD.


After launching our residency program in 2020 by invitation, we are thrilled to open applications for spots in 2022. The majority of these openings are for ceramics-focused proposals. There are also spots for our mixed media/fiber studio. We will continue bringing in curators/writers by invitation-only for now. 


Applications are accepted through Slideroom and open November 1-30, 2021. Click here to view application.   

a place for


a work intensive


a collaboration


reunion with mentors


base for international artist

a gathering in memorial


kiln-building residency


a writing retreat


series of focused conversations


interdisciplinary duet 

an exhibition




Township10 is envisioned as an intimate space reserved for deep art practice, material exploration, and community building.


We have the highest expectations for the respect, thoughtfulness, and care that guests will bring to this experience. A few things we lay out are:


- We ask artists to incorporate shared meals and poetry into their stay.


- We encourage artists to connect with the local community and find ways to share their perspective.


- We select a finished work for our collection. 


- We facilitate a written reflection to be archived for past and future residents.

Click here for VALUES.


Resident Artist 2021

Christina Mesiti

Christina Mesiti is a Los Angeles-based artist and educator originally from Phoenix, AZ. A Fulbright scholar to Mexico, she has shown in places including UCLA, Cal State Long Beach, and Locust Projects. She has taught at Pitzer and Pomona colleges and will be joining the faculty at Deep Springs College as a Visiting Professor. In 2020, she launched an experimental collaborative teaching/learning space that operates as a walking residency– the Emplacement Society. She received her MFA from Claremont Graduate University.


Long Term Resident

Kyle Lawson


A skilled potter and woodworker, Kyle Lawson graduated from Oregon College of Art and Craft with a BFA in Craft. He spent the past few years working with the crew at Sarah Wolf Ceramics and assisting artists Dirk Staschke and Jeffry Mitchell among others. Originally from Sacramento, CA, Kyle relocated to the mountains of Western North Carolina to take on the challenge of building out the studios, caring for the property, and delving into his art practice as Township10’s first Long-term Resident. Kyle looks forward to welcoming residents & visitors to the property.